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0/3 Baby Cribs & Toddler Beds Made in Malaysia 1 Year Warranty Age 0+


0/3 Baby Sabrina New Zealand Pine Crib 0-3

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Product Features:

  • New Zealand pine wood, heavy wood, durable material
  • The bottom of the bed has 3 heights, and the highest position is suitable for babies under 6 to 7 months. This height is also convenient for parents to lift and lower their baby without excessive bending.
  • When the baby has been up for more than 7 months, or can stand on their own, parents can put the bottom plate to the lowest position to prevent the baby from climbing the bed
  • When the baby is about 2 years old, the bed brake can be removed and turned into a children's comb bed, training the children to go up and down and get up.

Other Information:

  • The bottom plate has 3 heights
  • Anti-bite rubber edge
  • Single on the unilateral
  • Size:
    • External bed: 109.2 X 66.6 X 104 cm
    • Inner: 102 x 60 cm
  • Wood: New Zealand Pine
  • Tested by EU EN716 safety standard
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Two-sided ridge spring mattress G05-DS10260 or organic bamboo wadding double-sided spring mattress G36-OB10260

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