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Lansinoh Breast Pump Accessories Made in Australia

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Lansinoh Latch Assist Breast Pump Australian Brand

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Product Features:

  • LatchAssist is designed for moms who have milk (milk) or breast swelling when breastfeeding. It can temporarily improve the nipple depression or flatness.
  • Lansinoh created a simple tool for LatchAssist for women with nipple obesity, which temporarily pulls the nipple out, making it easy for the baby's mouth to tighten the breasts - the first step in successful breastfeeding.
  • LatchAssist is small and convenient, and comes with a portable case for easy access to breastfeeding whenever and wherever you need it.
Other information:
  • Instructions for use
    • Before using LatchAssist, wash, flush and air dry with hot soapy water. Gently squeeze the ball pump and cover it with a protective cover around the nipple. Gently press the cover against the skin to ensure that the seal does not leak. Slowly let go of the ball pump and adjust to the pressure you want. Gently repeat until the nipples are extended so that the baby can easily tighten the breasts. After use, wash, flush and air dry again.
    • Dispose of the human milk that may be accumulated in the ball pump.
    • For best results, first hold the baby in the breastfeeding position and use LatchAssist as indicated. This allows the baby to instantly tighten the breast when your nipple is extended.
    • Please note: For health reasons, LatchAssist products are for individual use only.