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MonPetit Cat Treats Made in Thailand

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MonPetit Puree Kiss Cat Snacks Bag 40g 10gx4


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Product Features:

  • Made in Thailand, licensed in Hong Kong
  • Smoothed tuna made from tuna, squid and chicken, with sweet pumpkin, apple, mango and fresh meat, double taste, and other six flavors to satisfy the taste buds of the master
  • Eat granules with additives, the taste is better and more real
  • It is convenient to take direct feeding, and the first choice for snacks to interact with cats
  • A 10g, when snacks, rewards, comforts are super suitable
  • One at a time, no waste

Other Information:

  • Category: Cat Food, Cat Snacks, Bags
  • Weight: 40g (with 4 separate packages - 10g)
  • Country of origin: Thailand
  • Note:
    • This product is a snack, not for dinner.
    • Please pay attention to avoid overdose and control the intake of staple foods
    • Please store in a dry and cool place
    • Please do it as soon as possible after opening the package
    • If the product has not been consumed after opening, please seal it in the refrigerator and eat it within 24 hours
    • Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, please store in indoors where children's hands cannot reach the airy and dry place