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Peg-Pérego Baby Strollers Made in Italy 1 Year Warranty Age 0+

SKU: C38-P3-GL51RO51

Peg-Pérego Pliko P3 Compact baby stroller 0-4 years old


Pre-ordered 2021-08-02

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Product Features:

  • 100% Italian manufacturing, Hong Kong licensed
  • Slim fit design, more lines
  • The pusher is designed with the human palm, one hand is folded, and the switch button is set on the armrest for more convenient and comfortable
  • The cushion has a two-piece flank design that takes up less space after folding.
  • The seat fabric is 100% made in Italy and designed by the Italian design wet Taniana
  • Improved sun block mounting joints, thinner after joining
  • The middle position of the front armrest has been changed with soft rubber design
  • The flank cushions are lengthened to enhance the protection of the baby's sides
  • The back chair can be adjusted at various angles and can be adjusted down to 175 degrees
  • Adjustable 5-point harness for baby safety and event space
  • Adjustable high and low armrests
  • Install Primo Viggio car chair and Navetta shopping basket in seat (sold separately)
  • Waterproof, antifouling and breathable fabric
  • There is a cup holder next to the armrest
  • Hand wash car mat and hood with 30 degrees Celsius water temperature
  • Front 360 degree rotation makes the car turn better when turning corners
  • The suspension of each group has a shock absorber function
  • After the pedals can carry children under 20kg

Other information;

  • Total weight: 40 kg
  • Applicable age: 0-4 years old
  • Open volume: 54 x 86 x 102.5 cm
  • Volume after folding: 43.5 x 98 cm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg