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黃色小鴨 PiyoPiyo Pacifiers & Teethers Made in Taiwan

SKU: 830518

Yellow duckling PiyoPiyo thumb pacifier larger Taiwan brand

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Product Features:

  • The thumb type fits the baby's mouth shape design and helps the baby to kneel training! Product Number : 830518 Color : No specification : No age : None
  • The thumb-type pacifier fits into the baby's lips and is placed in the baby's mouth. Its shape will become very similar to the mother's teat. Repeated exercises such as sucking, chewing, squeezing, and swallowing can help the squat training and strengthen the teeth. basis.
  • The transparent cover is dust-proof and anti-fouling, and it is easy to carry out.
  • The active pull ring baby is easy to grab.
  • The texture is soft, odorless, tasteless and not deformed.
  • The shape of the thumb pacifier conforms to the baby's mouth shape.
  • When the nipple is sucked, the nipple is vacuumed to hold the mouth tight and promote the nose to breathe naturally.
  • The curved shape and the venting holes on both sides do not hinder the breathing of the nose.
Other information:
  • Pacifier-Food Grade Silicone (Silicone) -20 degrees C~120 degrees C
  • Pacifier cover/pull ring/shield-polypropylene (PP)-20 degrees C~100 degrees C
  • Manufacturing date: marked in packaging
  • Validity period: ten years
  • Made in Taiwan
  • This product will not be returned if it is unpacked

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