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Pogmang Baby Stroller Accessories Made in Korea


Pogmang 3D mesh breathable breathing baby stroller

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Product Features:

  • Baby seat cushion that will breathe
  • - Infants and young children mainly use the head to dissipate heat, and the head often sweats
  • - The cushion headrest part needs to be super-breathable and avoid suffocation.
  • - Korean patented design and manufacture, 3D gas net with surface cotton cloth, suitable for all seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter
  • - Clean and convenient, surface stains only need to be wiped clean with a wet tissue, thoroughly cleaned, washed thoroughly, and dried quickly
  • Pure cotton is super smooth and smooth
  • - 100% cotton face cloth, the texture is fine and smooth, it will not rub the baby's delicate skin, cool and comfortable
  • 3D three-dimensional web technology
  • - Adopted 3D three-dimensional weaving technology developed by Germany, originally used for sports soles, with breathable function
  • - Each baby stroller has more than 300,000 air holes
  • Antibacterial and anti-mite function, away from allergens
  • - Verified by SGS, passed the EU safety standard EN71, free of azo dyes (Non-Azo Dyes) and formaldehyde
  • - Weaving net design does not breed harmful bacteria, inhibits the proliferation of mites and bacteria, and the baby uses Mummy to rest assured
  • Thickening Butterfly Pillow Design
  • - The left and right headrests are particularly thickened to form a butterfly pillow design
  • - Securely support the baby's head to prevent the baby from falling asleep after asleep
  • Intimate and versatile design
  • - The foot is open for easy use on different strollers
  • - Two hooks on the back for fixing to the stroller
  • - Suitable for strollers, dining chairs and car seats with 5-point harness

Additional information:

  • Brand: Pogmang
  • Place of Origin: South Korea
  • Surface: 100% cotton
  • Back: 100% polyester fiber
  • Size: about 72*41cm