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Precidio Water Bottles Made in China


Precidio Drink in the box UNIQUE Straw Cup 12 oz

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Product Features:

  • Canadian patent design! A Tritan sippy cup for children
  • Healthy life, bring a glass of self-squeezing juice or drink with you, reduce the market consumption of pigmented fructose drinks, reduce obesity
  • Environmental protection is a fashionable lifestyle attitude, carrying a reusable drink box to replace the paper bag or the disposable plastic drink to reduce the garbage
  • Manufactured with the latest technology in the United States, TritanTM, it is strong, durable, impact resistant, easy to wash, and resistant to residual odors
  • Through the FDA certification of the US Food and Drug Administration, it does not contain BPA (bisphenol A) and Phthalate (phthalate), and has been tested by car rolling, which is durable and durable.
  • Upper lid, anti-sprinkle and leakproof, can be safely put into the bag
  • Light weight, easy to carry, square design to take; can easily open the top cover with one hand to drink water, especially suitable for sports use
  • Easy accessories, easy to clean, and washable with a dishwashing machine
  • The drinking tube is made of food grade silicone, which is very safe
  • Accessories are available for purchase

Other Information:

  • Capacity: 12oz (355ml)
  • Material:
    • Sipper/nozzle: silicone, PP
    • Bottle: TritanTM (copolyester), dishwasher available
  • Size: 6.5 x 4 x 19 cm
  • Design/Manufacturing: Canada/China
  • Please wash and maintain:
    • Unpack all the accessories and clean them one by one
    • Use a soft sponge brush and a mild detergent to clean
    • After drinking juice, there may be pigmentation in the cup. This is normal. It is recommended to wash it in time after drinking
    • If it is not used for a while, please clean it, dry it, and wash it before next use
  • This product will not be returned if it is unpacked

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