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PRO PLAN Cat Food Made in Australia

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PROPLAN OPTISTART® kitten formula 6 weeks - 1 year old cat food dry food bag

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Product Features:

  • The OPTISTART® Kitty Formula is a comprehensive and balanced nutritional cat food specially designed for the healthy development of kittens from 6 weeks to 1 year old
  • Cats are susceptible to infection or diarrhea and indigestion before the age of 1
  • The OPTISTART® kitten formula combines the key nutrients needed for kittens and contains bovine colostrum to effectively support and strengthen the kitten immune system
  • The OPTISTART® formula also helps strengthen the gut health of kittens and reduces the risk of stomach discomfort, allowing the kittens to get the best out of life
  • It is suitable for both pregnant and lactating cats
  • Long-term benefits:
    • Bovine colostrum can effectively improve immunity
    • Helping kittens brain and vision development
    • supports healthy bone and muscle growth
    • effectively prevents plaque and tartar formation

Other Information:

  • Category: Cat food, kitten formula, dry food, bagged
  • Source of Protein: Chicken
  • Packing capacity: 1.3 kg or 7 kg / bag
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Feeding:
    • Age / Weeks Daily recommended food / gram
      6 - 12 25 - 80
      12 - 26 45 - 105
      26 - 52 105 - 155
    • The above table is for reference only. The exact feeding amount should be adjusted according to the cat's breed, gender, weight, age, activity and living environment.
    • The amount of feed is based on a 250 ml cup (containing approximately 110 g of PURINA® PRO PLAN® kitten formula)
    • Feeding guidelines: Young cats try to eat solid foods 3-4 weeks after birth. Allows kittens to consume the wet OPTISTART® kitten formula at any time until they are completely weaned after 6 to 8 weeks. After the kitten is weaned, the kitten can be fed a dry or wet OPTISTART® kitten formula. The number of feedings a kitten can be determined by their age. Young cats less than three months: 3-4 meals (wet), 3-6 months: 3 meals, 6-12 months: 2 meals. Use the above feeding table to adjust the serving size. When the baby's weight is too light or too heavy, please adjust accordingly. To help the kitten maintain its ideal posture, periodically check the weight of the kitten and make sure that the ribs and waist are clearly visible from above the kitten. Keeping the ideal physical condition of the kittens can bring long-term health to the kittens
    • Feeding guidelines during pregnancy:
    • PURINA® PRO PLAN® products provide the extra nutrients that cats need during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During pregnancy, the consumption of food by cats may vary, so the serving size needs to be adjusted to help cats during pregnancy maintain their ideal body condition. Lactation food intake may double or even quadruple
    • Use a clean container to supply drinking water to cats every day. Proper diet, exercise and care are the best ways to keep your kittens healthy

  • Ingredients:
    • Ingredients: Chicken, zein, whole grain wheat, animal fat (including vitamin E), wheat protein, minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, iodine) , selenium, pyrophosphate), vitamins (including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, choline), amino acid , organic acids, spices, legumes, dried fish, oats, barley, colostrum, fish oil / vegetable oil, antioxidants
    • Nutritional ingredients content
      crude protein (at least) 36%
      Rough fat (at least) 18%
      moisture (at most) 12%
      Coarse fiber (at most) 3%
      salt (sodium chloride) (at most) 2%
      calcium (at least) 1%
      Phosphorus (at least) 0.8%
      DHA (at least) 0.02%
      Vitamin D (at least) 1,000 IU/kg
      Vitamin C (at least) 70 mg/kg
  • Weaning:
    • Breast milk is the ideal food for kittens, providing them with all the nutrients they need and improving the kitten's natural immune system. The kittens will be completely weaned in 6-8 weeks, and most kittens will try to eat solid foods in 3-4 weeks. This is the best time for kittens to start eating cat food. If you choose to feed the cat with dry cat food, the cat food should be first moistened and ground and placed in a shallow bowl for the cat to eat.
    • Providing solid foods for kittens early may damage the immature digestive system of kittens. If the kitten is weaned, it will reduce the difficulty of the process by providing the cat food that the female cat eats during lactation. When feeding the cat food cat food, start with 5 tablespoons per day and adjust or decrease according to the feeding status of the kitten.

    • The key to successful weaning is time and patience. You support its natural instinct by gradually reducing the need for breast milk for kittens. You can see the mother's gradual reduction in milk production to complete stoppage during the process. By 10-12 weeks, the kitten will be able to fully accept solid food. During this period, please observe and control the food intake and weight changes of the kittens. If you have any doubts or the baby's weight does not increase normally, please contact the veterinarian.

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  • 1.3 kg:
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    • 4 bags for $400 (average $100 per bag, $60 savings)